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Poldermans Management Consultancy

think ahead. Act ahead.

To govern is to look ahead. PMC has that foresight and helps your organisation to become and remain healthy. By looking ahead at what is coming and anticipating it, PMC is able to arrive at well-founded solutions for problem areas.

PMC helps organisations in the areas of:
  • Temporary or long-term assistance
  • Guidance and/or start-up for new companies
  • Reorganising existing organisations
  • Defining and implementing a Total Asset Management concept for capital-intensive goods
PMC works with standards and values; relationships are treated with respect and trust. With the no-nonsense credo 'DO what YOU SAY and SAY what YOU’RE DOING'. With more than 20 years of experience, PMC is able to arrive at well-founded solutions for problem areas.
Are you experiencing problems in your organisation? Please feel free to contact us and experience what PMC can mean for your organisation.


Continuation or new aviation approval request? AOC, EASA Part-M & EASA Part-145 are areas in which PMC has much to offer.

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change management

PMC can mean a lot to you in refreshing your organisation and allowing it healthy growth.

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LCM serves as a tool for optimising assets and managing costs.

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Asset management

Asset Management is the art and science of making the right decisions and optimising the associated processes.

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Poldermans Management Consultancy
Tooroplaan 10
6006 PL Weert, the Netherlands
T + 31 495 525 364

think ahead. act ahead.

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